HSPT Resources

Here's some items you may find helpful:

Sample HSPT
Score Report

The item below will show you a sample score report which outlines what's on the test and how to read your performance profile.


Tutorial for Online Testing Interface

This item provides you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the features of the testing interface prior to the test.

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Remote Testing Agreement

Students testing remotely must complete the Remote Testing Agreement which outlines the code of conduct that must be maintained. This must be completed prior to the start of the test. It will also be emailed to all attendees the morning of the test.

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Test Prep Resources

While there are many test prep guides, books, and courses on the market available for purchase, STS is in no way affiliated with any of these products and does not endorse them. AR does host the Pre-HSPT and a Test Prep Summer Course to help prepare students to take the High School Placement Test in the Fall.

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STS Parents' Page

Find addtional resources on the Scholastic Testing Services Website.

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Find addtional resources on the Scholastic Testing Services Blog.

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